In spring 2018, 1 selected girl will be awarded a $500.00 scholarship to pursue a college of their choosing.   If you would like to donate to our $1,000 scholarship click below.5

Scholarship Requirements:

  • To be eligible for the scholarship, applicant must provide proof of college acceptance by August 1, 2018
  • Must be a current high school senior girl attending school in the United States
  • Must be a resident of Montgomery County.
  • Anticipating completion of school diploma at the time of application
  • Carrying a minimum 2.5 GPA currently

Submission Requirements:

Application opens April 8, 2018 on website

  • Application (Deadline May 11, 2018 by 11:59 pm)
  • High School official transcript
  • Documents verifying acceptance by college
  • Essay: Pick an experience from your life in which you had to overcome an obstacle and describe how it has prepared you for life after high school.


What is The Girl’s Project?

The Girl’s Project is a non-profit organization committed to Preparing, Inspiring and Empowering girls. The goal of the organization is to build confidence and self-esteem in girls through literacy, character education, project based learning and community service work. The program will prepare girls by engaging in real life relatable experiences. Inspire girls through a series of literature and rich conversations. Finally, empower girls by helping them to view themselves as the creators of their own destiny. Girls are encouraged to dream big, for the sky is the limit.

How do I apply for The Girl’s Project Scholarship?

The initial application becomes available on our website April 8, 2018

Can I mail in a paper application?

The Girl’s Project accepts only online applications

Is the scholarship need-based?

No, The Girl’s Project Scholarship is achievement- based.

How can the scholarship be used?

The scholarship can be used for tuition at an accredited college or university; scholarships may also be used for other educational expenses, such as on-campus housing, a computer, and textbooks.

When will scholarship winner be notified?

Winner will be notified at the “Diamond’s and Pearls Scholarship Program” May 11, 2018

When will scholarship be awarded?

The Sandra R. Bufford scholarships will be awarded in person at The Girl’s Project, “Diamond’s and Pearls Scholarship Program” Saturday, May 11, 2018.

sandraThis is Sandra Buford’s life mantra. Since her birth in Montgomery, Alabama, to years spent in Dayton, Ohio, she has made it a point to strive for her goals, which were nothing less than her grandest dreams. She wanted to learn dance routines but decided to excel in her dream of becoming a nurse.

Growing up in Alabama, she was the youngest of 3 brothers, 5 sisters. As life has it, she lost her mom at the age of 5 to cancer and was then relocated to Dayton, Ohio where her older sister, Maggie and husband Arthur resided.

Then as a teenager, Sandra was active in school activities, attending Jefferson High School and graduating in 1984. During her tenure at Jefferson, Sandra was voted ‘most talkative’ and she also was known to do fashion shows where she gracefully took part in.

She became acclimated to Dayton, Ohio growing up and began dating a friend named Charles which led to the birth of her son Charles Jr and daughter Kandra. To her dismay, she became a single parent while working at jobs centered on the medical field. At some point, she had two jobs while raising kids as a single parent.

During that time she studying to get her LPN license and received the degree in 1996.As time went on, she became friends with Carlos who she married and within that union, sons Dinell and Dorian were born. Juggling work, family and church, she became a full time all around virtuous woman. In the midst of life’s challenges, she developed cancer in 2007 which she overcame. Soon afterwards, she began inquiring about going for her RN degree.

Following her dreams, she started on her RN degree which took upwards of 4 years to complete. During the course of her studies, she was struck with cancer again and decided to take a break so that she could deal with the issues the disease caused. Again, she overcame, resuming school studies, and managed to obtain her RN degree with high honors.

During her time away from life’s challenges, she was active in the ‘Walk With Me’ program, and also inquired about doing ministry work at the church. She began teaching a women’s bible study which lead to her obtaining her ministers license as well.

As time went on, she became notably active in different events at church, one of them a play called ‘Matters Of The Heart’ which was a huge success. She had a knack for having fun with friends and family which gave way to multiple trips out of town visiting family back in Montgomery, Alabama.

Again as life has it, she was hit again with cancer for the third time. During this time, she was a full time wife, mom, grand mom, minister and nurse. She realized her health had taken a toll on her strength, which led to allocating her duties of a mom, minister and nurse, measures that had to be taken.

Sandra’s life was full of joy with challenges to remind her of living out her dreams. At the tender age of 45, she lost her life to cancer, leaving behind a husband of 15 years, three sons, a daughter and what she calls, “her greatest gift” a grandson named Josiah. Even as Sandra’s life has been inundated with challenges, she left behind a legacy of great will. Her family is still functioning and the women’s bible study she started is still up and running today. If she could leave a word for anyone, it would be follow your dreams and Pray as often as you can. Sandra was an avid prayer warrior and her life showed the grace of God through it all. To God be the Glory!